Electric Golf Trolley Controller Model S3D-G-USB-12V-22A

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CONTROLLER Precision GTX, Pro Force & others, . This S3D-G-USB-12V-22A controller can be used with the handle circuit shown- see photos. The controller itself can be used with several models please check your handle circuit and our photos of handle circuits.

(THIS CONTROLLER DOES NOT WORK WITH THE ORIGINAL T handle RECTANGULAR HANDLE CIRCUIT - you will need the new black coloured now 9 speeds controller S1G-12V-8-J-9 controller Product SKU107 )

Optional the handle circuits D62145 and D-64186 work in conjunction with this controller.

  • Precision Golf Trolleys GTX (original RED handle)
  • Some Stowamatic golf trolleys
  • Some V1 Caddymatic golf trolleys

Each Component of the Electric Golf Trolley Controllers is tested before dispatch and we always recommend replacing the respective handle circuit at the same time.

Fitting Controller: Turn the trolley upside down and unscrew the cover to the controller under the battery tray. The controller is plugged in with three connections you should unplug all the connections and remove.

NOTE: Please take note of the pictures as well as the descriptions in order to determine if the part is suitable for your model of golf trolley. Many golf trolleys vary slightly and we have made as clear as possible any illustrations or descriptions.

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