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Speed Control Switch

What is a Golf Trolley Speed Control Switch

The other name for the spare part is sometimes referred to as a potentiometer or pot original name being a reostat. This component acts as a speed control switch for a golf trolley by way of increasing the speed of the motor through a control stepping up of Amps

Damage to the Speed Control Switch

The golf trolley speed control switch is a common spare to go wrong.  It is nearly always damaged inadvertently from getting a knock on the speed knob.  This damaged the stem of the switch and causes it to loose connection either all the way through the speeds or partially through the speeds of the motor.

Damaged switch

Note the stem of this damaged switch is leaning this becomes very loose through being knocked or bumped by an object or sometimes when packing away in the boot or similar.

Video of normal damage to an electric golf trolley speed control switch

Notice the movement in the stem of the switch from side to side.  This is usually caused by a blow to the speed switch rotary knob.  Sometimes when packing and folding away, it can get accidentally hit.  With the speed switch stem then unable to get a uniform connection when turning the knob stem around.  The connection at the potentiometer is interrupted and hence the speed numbers jump from low to high and don’t scroll smoothly through the speeds set by the golf trolley controller.

Testing and Fitting the Speed Switch

Testing and fixing the speed control switch is fairly easy by way of checking the trolley for erratic speed setting when increasing or decreasing the speed on the switch.  See support page for help. Depending on the model of golf trolley you have the determines how easy to replace the control switch is.  Fitting a new one is easy and tricky at the same time.

Video on replacing the electric golf trolley speed control switch

Showing the broken to one in place and the new switch shows the the speed on the handle circuit scrolling smoothly and working well again.

T Handle Golf Trolley Speed Control Switch

These models can be replaced by removing the back of the handle unplugging the switch and removing the nut on the outside of the handle by way of a spanner.

Speed control switch and knob in place

Round & Coloured Handle Housing

The round handles golf trolleys with the smaller knob are slightly more difficult as they require either a long socket or point nose pliers to remove the nut.

Round handle Speed Control Switch