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ProForce Electric golf trolley not starting up

I have a 15 month old Pro-Force digital golf trolley. It has a button for 10 yards 20 yards or 30 yards free run. When I start it up all 3 lights come on as does the digital display. I turn the control knob and when it passes from 0 to 1 there is a click from the control box but nothing else happens. The battery is fine. Does it need a new control box, and if so do you have one? It is silver and the label says :- S3D-C-USB-12V-22aA-CE There are some chinese characters with a 3 amongst them, then 07.02.2015 No. 78. It measures 102mm x 58mm x 36mm, with 3 cables coming out of it.

Please can you help/advise me?

Thinking about this scenario I would say the golf trolley control box is usually OK if you have all lights on and the golf trolley powered up as usual and you get a click from the control box on starting the speed control.  This click usually means the relay is working and sending the current toward the motor.  If it is not moving forward I would look towards the motor first and check it is working.  This can be done by unplugging the motor and connecting the end of the terminals to a 12volt battery source.  If it turns then the motor is OK.  A less conclusive method to test the motor is to smell it to find any burnt out smells although this doesn’t always mean the motor is defective or not, but if there is a burnt smell from the motor then most likely its accidentally been left running while being stopped i.e parked against a wall while at a low speed setting.

My trolley has stopped working and I think it may be a fault in the control box. Are any of the ones you stock for a Pro-Force trolley, please? The box has S3D-C-USB-12V-22aA-CE on the label, and the trolley has a button for 10, 20, & 30 yards free run.

It could be the control box but is there any power getting to the display panel now, if not I would first suggest the battery lead.