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Golf Trolley Not Moving

I have fitted the new speed control switch. I press start switch and digital light appears at Zero. When I then operate the starter switch the digital numbers appear but start flashing with very minimal movement of trolley. Can you give me a reason for this please, Thank you in anticipation.

On this type of electric golf trolley if the LED speed numbers are lighting up as normal, but when you scroll the speed control up to put some speed on the display then this shows the speed control switch is working OK. Now with the numbers then flashing it usually means there is not enough current getting through to the motor and most likely the battery has an issue. Also the slow speeds of the golf trolley also indicate the low current getting through to the motor and either a battery lead connection or the battery is low.

This sounds very much like the battery is too low and not enough current to drive the trolley. Checking across the battery terminals will most likely read a lower voltage and not much charge in the battery.

Try charging the battery and if this is working OK and taking a full charge, then look towards the battery lead in case it is damaged in any way. The connections at the golf trolley end is where to start checking then the battery end.

My trolley keeps switching off during a round it is very erratic sometimes only once during a round. on other occasions 4 or 5 times. I’ve checked all the connections and they seem solid enough. sometimes when I turn the control knob which is on the top of the handle it comes back on, but not every time. Any ideas as to what the problem is.

Definitely a connection fault somewhere.  The first place and most common although not always obvious, is the golf trolley battery lead to be the source of the fault.  Many times you can check it at both ends of the connection at the battery terminals both positive and negative and the 3 pin round connector itself even if it seems to be working.  This does not always show a fault in the battery lead connection.  Therefore it could be dirt inside the round 3 pin connector or plug.  Also check the plug that the connection sleeves inside the each hole in the 3 pin plug are not loose.  It could also be a solder connection inside this plug.  A new battery lead would solve any of these faults.

Battery charger is always green when I turn it on, when you turn the control panel on it blanks off.

Sounds like the battery lead is not allowing the current through properly. Meaning when trying to put power to the trolley it cant get enough current this then shuts down the power to the trolley as if it is switched off.