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We have been selling electric golf trolleys for a number of years. This has given us the opportunity to try and test various companies’ models. Knowing what is better for the golfer, price, quality, robust design, specifications and nothing beats pure quality. Below we have categorized the selection process which we believe should be taken into consideration along with a few points that are important when buying the best electric golf trolleys. Remember ‘you only get what you pay for’

Reliability of our Electric Golf Trolleys

When considering the manufacturer we wanted to know the engineering details with regards to their various trolley models. This was a case of studying the materials used, i.e. the metal gauge (thickness), the component quality, fittings and design. These factors all put together make for a robust quality engineered and reliable electric golf trolleys. We investigated and found a company who distributes the rights for Precision Golf Trolleys in the UK and Europe. There is also a connected company who also source their golf trolleys in Germany www. We believed if the trolleys are engineered, manufactured and built in Germany for their market, like the German cars, its good enough for UK.

Leading Edge Technology

Always consider; quality, reliability, engineering design, ergonomics, first class components, second to none build. All these parts are important when choosing your electric golf trolley. One of the most important statements you will hear when purchasing anything is “you only get what you pay for” This of course isn’t an excuse to charge the earth, but to keep the costs to a minimum without reducing quality – this is the technique you should be considering when purchasing a golf trolley. Our supplier and German designed manufacturer is always at the forefront of technology, this shows in our electric golf trolleys various functions. Our digital display gives a readout for the golfer in terms of speed setting, automatic remote control distance, on-going analysis of battery, digital electronic braking.

Functions of Electric Golf Trolleys

Have a look at the various functions your electric golf trolley has. There are many new built-in advantages for the golfer nowadays and we have them all covered. As most golf trolleys are compact and light not all have the functions to make your golf game easier.

Why have Electric Golf Trolleys with the Latest Functions

As you walk your way around your golf course/s, visualise yourself making a good score and what you would do with a few of our electric trolley functions. Visualise a scene – The sun is shining, you have just drilled a 6 iron and made a precision shot to the front of the green near the pin. You approach the green, the flag is on the front, and your next teeing ground is past this green toward the back right side. As you walk toward the green on the fairway, you pull your putter out of the golf bag held by your new Digital-18 golf trolley. With your putter in hand you point your electric golf trolley in the direction of the next tee and press from the choice of 10/20/30 metre automatic remote distance functions, instructing your golf trolley to automatically drive toward the next teeing ground. Meantime you walk to your ball at the front of the green carrying only your putter. While your golfing buddies are messing around trying to position their bags or trolleys at the other side of the green, you are assessing the green contours and your putt, now you have the advantage on them. Because you have this extra free time you are calm, relaxed, and in control making your partners feel they are behind and hurried. What happens next? They rush on their putts not having the time you had to assess their putts properly plus they don’t have your relaxed calm mind necessary to make the calculations and judgement. They are most likely at a disadvantage and perform poorly. You on the other hand are in control and make a magnificent shot holing the putt. And the moral of the story? Think positive and stay calm in control for proper judgement and execution.

Precision Golf Trolley Purchase & Description


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Accessories and the Precision Golf Trolley Collection

Nearly all golfers want the best advantages for playing well and enjoying their game. We have in our collection many accessories to make your golfing experience better. Please see our electric golf trolley blog for the advantages and scenarios (hopefully videos soon) of the situations where we believe our accessories will give you the playing advantage. We also provide some great tips on how to improve your golf and your enjoyment of your game.

Accessories include;
• umbrella holders
• electric golf trolley rain covers
• Score card, pencil, ball and tee holder
• Rising auto seat with compartment
• Drinks holder
• Electric trolley storage bag

Feeling tired the golf trolley can be fitted with an automatic rising seat with compartment for balls, drinks, valuables, score cards, stroke savers, rules of golf, tees, drinks, etc.

Drinks holder ideal for cans or bottles of water, juice or other drinks?

A trolley frame bag to keep any dirt your trolley may have collected from getting onto any area it touches, like your car boot.

Electric golf trolley accessories
Accessories for our electric golf trolleys
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Parts for your electric golf trolleys

We always stock a full inventory of parts for our electric golf trolleys should you ever need any in years to come. These can be bought direct from the parts page or by calling us. You are always welcome to send the trolley to us by calling and we will arrange a collection and delivery service for fitting your parts which you think may be beyond your resources.

Many thanks for checking out our website. Below are a list of our on-line products which should be available soon.  You can check back to see our new range of trolleys which should be added around the end of March.  We will be adding more electric golf trolleys to our supply list. At the moment we are in the process of talking to a parent German company who have the best quality electric golf trolleys on the market.  We hope to be selling the new top quality electric golf trolleys shortly and will update this site as soon as we negotiate with our German manufacturer.

Electric golf trolley parts
Parts for our Electric golf trolleys
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