Rules of golf concerning electric golf trolleys

Rules of golf concerning electric golf trolleys

The rules of golf with golf trolleys concerning fitted equipment on the trolleys. We have completely checked our trolleys with RANDA and the rules of golf to make sure our equipment in no way infringes any rules of golf. as some manufacturers were allowing on their display a temperature gauge, this is against competition rules.

Should I get golf lessons

Recently I had been going for lessons in golf as if trying to find the elusive answer to hitting better and more consistent.  Why do so many people go down this route, when they don’t need to?  Yes, there are times when you need someone to look at a basic consistent fault, or if just learning, but not getting swing analysed into submission.

swing analysis

Golf swing analysis

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What to look for with electric golf trolleys

What to look for in an Electric golf trolley

General design and materials would be the first choice.  The design has to meet your demands especially sizes, erected and folded for ease of transport.  Weight is another consideration in the general trolley design.  Quality materials and fittings well built to fit together well in solid construction.

Buying from the seller

  • Golf trolley battery specifications; Watch that the company gives you the specifications of the batteries they are selling with the trolley.  Look for the PDF or download sheet or even a specification sheet explaining all regarding the battery supplied with the electric golf trolley.
  • Make sure they are selling the parts for their trolleys and are easily available to purchase, if not ask why?

Once you have established the seller is a not just a wholesale outlet but a dedicated supplier of electric golf trolleys then you have done most of your homework for buying.  Remember not Continue reading “What to look for with electric golf trolleys” »

How to improve at golf

How to improve at golf can be broken into many parts, most people learning, start with the swing.  (I would like to know how most tour professionals learned golf).

Golf consists of many parts and here is some of the main things to consider:

The swing

  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Course management
  • Tactics
  • Fitness
  • Experience

 Firstly you can break the golf swing into various parts;

  1. Knowing how to hit the ball
  2. Being able to hit the ball
  3. Consistency of strike

There are so many golf swing gurus suggesting different methods, making sense of it all can be daunting.  Each coach, teacher, golf professional, has their own way of showing how to better your swing.  Who to go to for lessons or coaching is an almost impossible task to solve.

 So what is the answer

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Maintaining Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric golf trolley maintenance is very important if you want to get the maximum life out of the trolley. This includes special care of the battery, the battery life can be increased by a simple method of…

To avoid any damage and to keep the battery in good condition, make sure it is charged each time and as soon as possible after use. Once charged don’t leave it on charge and try to keep in a dry place and store where it is not too cold. Battery maintenance is important enough to find that any good supplier will provide details of how to keep their golf trolley battery in best long life condition. Battery life is finite and most good suppliers will not only rate the performance but the longevity of their batteries in terms of  power rating capacity of Amp per hour (Ah) and cycles of discharge respectively.  In order to extend the life of the battery try to recharge it as soon as it is used and keep it from going below 50% of its capacity before re-charging, this can extend the life by double.

See our home page for a selection of models of good quality electric golf trolleys

Most golfers nowadays have their own trolley, whether it is a two wheeled pull or a three wheeled electric golf trolley. With the advancement in technology and components, electric golf trolleys are becoming more popular, in fact at least half of regular golfers own an one. Golfers are realising the benefits which come with using a powered trolley, allowing them to enjoy their game by taking the stress and strain out of the three to four hours of possibly carrying or pulling a set of clubs around. It is important to remember making it last does require some maintenance.

servicing trolleys

Checking and keeping all nuts and bolts over time helps.

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How to judge a golf chip and run shot

Many magazines and instruction articles talk about how to chip and run from just off the green using a system using various clubs.

The general view is use a different club depending on how far you want the ball to fly and by how much you want it to run.  This is measured by, lets take for instance a wedge; 50% of the distance needed by air (up to the landing area – the green surface) then 50% of the distance by run (on the green surface), so depending on how far you are from the edge of the green and how far on the pin is on the green.  The idea is to get the ball running as soon as possible on the green.

I was having trouble making use of this method, although I understood how it worked technically, the judgement I found difficult.  I could understand the principle but could not judge for every club the end distance, UNTIL… Continue reading “How to judge a golf chip and run shot” »

Learn How to Golf

For beginners – Learn How to Golf

There are many things to learn about golf; equipment, the course rules, playing rules, how to play, game of golf itself, etiquette on the course, how to score.


It is assumed you have your own golf equipment, clubs, glove, balls, bag, electric golf trolleys, tees, suitable clothing, golf shoes.  Sharing of clubs is not permitted on most golf courses.

Golf Course Rules

Due to the danger of the game .i.e. swinging the club ( on average 80mph), striking the golf ball (usually over 100mph) it has very strict rules and etiquette, as stated  this was firstly born out of a safety point of view but it is also a courteous game where respect of your playing partners is expected on all occasions.  Rules for golf games can be very complex and various rules can be generally applied as well as local rules.  These can be learned over time one step at a time.  There are different formats of playing golf; match play against your opponent/s as an individual or as a partner joint score.  Most of the time golf is played against the course, this is called stroke play.  Stroke play is where the number of shots hit on the whole round is added to give a final number of shots for that round.


Unlike many sports golf can be played at any level against any level so as a  relative beginner can play a good long term player, this is by means of the handicap system.  In short it is where the persons handicap is deducted from the final gross score to give a net score for the round. The better the player the smaller the handicap which is deducted.

The Golf Course

Generally a golf course is made up of the teeing ground, the fairway, the green, also hazards like bunkers and water.  The course has short cut areas, longer grass called rough, up to very rough ground with all sorts of bushes, plant life trees etc. often difficult to hit if not impossible to hit or sometimes find your ball.

How to play on the golf course

The basics of how to play golf starts with Continue reading “Learn How to Golf” »

Golf Visualisation – the mental game

There are many articles and books written on golf game visualisation.  It seems the top  sportsmen and women use this technique to help there results, but it doesn’t always work for amateurs; why is that?

How to use visualisation in the golf game and use this technique to your advantage.  The professionals use it by looking into the future, either short term, medium and or long term.  Short term visualisation is done at the time in golf where you are about to hit your shot i.e. practice swing time.  Please don’t think the tour golfers are just practising their physical swing which they do 1000 times a week,  they are using visualisation with their practice swing seeing and more importantly feeling the shot which they are about to hit.  Medium term visualisation can be done before the golf round, on the practice area before you go out or an hour or so before you arrive.  It involves visualising in your head, maybe at breakfast time your full round of golf successfully played, seeing and feeling each shot on your round to come.  It is important in this technique not to visualise the impossible shots, it must be something achievable for your own standard.  If you are playing off 28 handicap, then don’t visualise hitting your drive 300yds with a fade round the 25 yard wide fairway dogleg to leave a 110 yard wedge approach shot.  It must be achievable shots, chips putts and score for your own standard.  Long term visualisation is seeing yourself in the clubhouse or handing in your score as a better player.   For 28 handicaps, seeing yourself as a 22 handicap by the late summer and for the 4 handicaps see yourself as a 2 handicap player.

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new season golf – go for short game practice

Time to fix the short game

The mistake most golfers make in starting the new season is going straight to the course with no practice before hand.  It is most important to get some practice if you expect any results this year.  This is the most important time to get sorted out, what you do in the first few sessions of the new golfing year will be crucial to how you perform on the rest of the season.  These first few sessions are where your mind is more open to picking up new improved methods of play, so use it wisely.

Many amateurs make the mistake of going, if not straight to the course, straight to the driving range to whack away with their driver and nearly always only their driver – why ?  Would it not be wiser to start small, start with small moves so you can see where you are going right or wrong, this also helps with timing and rhythm.  Get out any of your wedge clubs and start by keeping Continue reading “new season golf – go for short game practice” »

How do I get my golf game ready for the new season

First thing to work on getting your golf up to scratch…

1. Feel and touch…

After the winter lay off your feel and touch in your golf game will be rusty, it one of the first things you loose.

Working on this will also help with rhythm, timing and the muscles not which have been off work for a while getting them awaken and reacting properly.

2. Have a Practice, but don’t just hit golf balls…

One of the main things to your golf game to work on after the winter break will benefit from some practice. By this you have to think practice the basics not just hit balls off at the range. It is always worth thinking of getting a freshen up lesson from your local professional.

For some golfers they know themselves over the years what to keep in check here listed below some main things to check over…

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Posture
  • Feet Alignment
  • Body Alignment
  • Shoulder Alignment
  • Balance
  • Ball Position

If hitting some balls – always always warm up first especially after a winter break. Your muscles need time and slow movement effort to warm up without causing any injury by going straight to swinging or worse hitting shots.