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Precision Prorider Golf Trolley Spares also Stowamatic golf trolley parts

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Precision Pro Rider golf trolley spares available online


We have been selling electric golf trolleys to the UK for over 11 years and our track record is very important to us.  We are a dedicated supplier of the Precision parts for Prorider golf trolleys, we sell no other products and are not a multi-product warehouse.   We are totally dedicated to great support service will keep you on the course with a total dedication to our customer service of which we believe is second to none. We are as helpful as can be for the lifetime of your trolley.

When buying from us you will get the best service along with the best product and we look forward to having you as our customer.  Golfers can enjoy our trolleys on their own golf course or easily transported for a visiting a different course.  You can choose from lightweight 18 hole trolleys, 36 hole large battery trolleys.  All our carts are easily folding and will fit any golf bag size from carry golf bags to cart bags and tour bags,  The upper supports have been specially designed to take all type of golf bags.  With extras and accessories available for your trolley, these include rain covers, umbrella holders, score card holders, transport bag, drinks holders.


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Service and Workshops

Being a dedicated distributor of electric golf trolley spares, we have the workshops and facilities to back up our service requirements. We would always recommend purchasing from a dedicated supplier who can meet their obligations. - Not a all product warehouse!  Looking for Prorider golf trolley spares we have online for purchase many of the parts to fix your trolley and get you back on the course.

Looking for Golf Trolley Spares

We have a complete store or parts for most models;  Pro Rider Golf Trolley Spares, Stowamatic Spares and Precision trolley spares.  All available to purchase online at our store page.

Costs and Price Economies

In order to supply the better quality powered golf carts at the price advertised, we managed to make savings throughout our business operation, this has allowed us to price our products at an exceptionally low price for the build quality and service you receive. Our mission priority is 1st - "quality" followed by "best price possible".

We have been selling the Precision electric golf cart in the UK for 11 years.  The proof of a good quality product is shown in our ability to have such good reviews and happy customers who are recommending us all the time.  Our supplier has years of experience in manufacturing quality engineered components, this gives our staff and company confidence knowing we are selling the latest design and best quality.   We fulfilled the process of offering the facilities and expertise to enable us to become a online gold supplier to the UK.  It is now possible for us to sell this quality electric carts direct to the public through this website offering a direct buy discount service from us. This does not remove any of your rights as an internet customer, we shall be supplying you a full years manufacturers and retail warranty on our trolleys and always adhering to the distance selling regulations, to protect our customers rights at all times is our priority.

Only Best Quality Electric golf Trolley Spares

As a dedicated supplier of quality carts we have for sale only the original design build, .  Our reputation and customer service comes first and we would always recommend buying the best our quality Precision electric golf trolley as we have the workshops and facilities to back up our warranty and service conditions and obligations.   

Latest design proves to be a great success

The new GTX range has proven to be a great success in the last year with many people taking advantage of the best quality, it has been designed with strong 200 Watt motor for any conditions and a best buy especially with the money off deals on at the moment.  We have had glowing reports of the GTX over the last year and as such are introducing the full range to be brought forward for the summer of 2013.  This new range will include a lightweight battery 22Ah - this model to be called the GTX 18 is designed for a standard hilly 18 hole golf course.  The GTX 36 model will be equipped with the long range 36 hole battery which proves to be the most popular. This completes our premier quality electric golf trolley spares range.  This range has specially designed to be golfer friendly with easy to erect one hand operation and easy but strong folding mechanisms.  The accessories have also been specially designed for the GTX with easily folding score card - pencil holder with drawer for golf balls etc.  it incorporates an umbrella holder which can fold away easily when not in use.  Both the score card holder and umbrella holder can be removed with one handle screw separately, so if the weather is great, no need for the umbrella holder = except to keep the sun off.  Transport bags for all the trolleys are available on the accessories page along with rain bag covers and drink holders.

Specially designed for robust use and years of golfing pleasure

Over years of production we have been able to perfect the design and build to reflect the golfers needs. This can be seen in the new range from Precision Golf Trolleys with their latest design build in the GTX range.  Built with the golfer in mind, compact and lightweight easy removable wheels for good simple storage and travelling make the GTX a must for all golfers - only the best will do. 

Video of electric golf trolleys

showing GTX electric golf trolley on the course

Reviews and Customer satisfaction giving years of golfing pleasure

The GTX is our best all round top quality powered golf trolley to date. The redesigned featured-packed digital trolley is built with our most efficient components for a great reliable golfing experience.  Compact and lightweight many customers are totally satisfied with their easy to use controls.  Please see our reviews from various sources to completely satisfy yourself that you are buying a quality product with a great track record.

The new GTX range available in white black and 27 hole or 36 hole options.

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Improve your golf with Precision

 Using our electric golf carts are the best for your golf game and below are the reasons we have this model for sale. Best of quality from the moment you start your round to the moment you finish you will know you are driving the best. See yourself on the golf course with a great score and and with our brand and it will happen. Visualisation in golf is important part of playing the game don't just go up and hit your shot, you must first see and imagine what result you are looking for, then see the shot in your minds eye figure out where it will go and how it will get to the place you want. Once you have figured out your shot you can then take your practice swings trying to view the shot you want, then execute and make it happen.

We always try to help our fellow golfers and having the best equipment for the task in hand is a start in the right direction. Playing golf in the rain our accessory page sells golf trolley accessories for this, from rain covers for your golfing bag to umbrella holders and score card holder built to protect you from the UK weather. Also in the accessory page is our transport bag so as after your round of golf the cart can be put inside keeping it from making a mess of your boot.

Best leading brand build for golfers

Our lightweight electric golf cart are golf's leading brand for the new UK golf market.  Our models are rigorously tested for robust quality of engineering.  Depending on the model you can upgrade to an extended life battery to enable a 36 hole running without having to recharge.  Our top quality  trolleys have been specially engineered to be the latest innovative  engineering design for the golfer who looks for best quality and reliability.  The ergonomic designs make them not only look spectacular but extremely practical for most situations.  Our professional sponsored golf trolley range are compact, lightweight and can  easily fold away for storage.  We supply these to many outlets and companies.  Please satisfy yourself with our 100% money back guarantee on any electric golf trolley for sale. 

Fully erect electric golf trolley with large score card holder

Keeping your golf battery in good condition...

View information or articles on the first electric golf trolley or through the blog and browse through it to see all the comments on various aspects  and golf in general plus our very satisfied customers comments who have also recommended to their friends. 

Reviews ... read more

The golf trolley comes with full support and reliability is foremost in our design and components used. Full explanations can be found along with all maintenance schedules of the trolleys' owners handbook manual which comes with the carton. The maintenance instruction manual gives details of cleaning, maintaining, using and troubleshooting the cart.  Find the PDF manual for electric golf trolley Not only using the manual but we have a full online support ticket system for all our customers for not just the warranty period but the lifetime of the trolley.  


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 Points to consider on our trolley

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